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It's time to shine light into the black box of PR, and gain the insight you need to get the best PR results for your investment.

Spend less time reviewing activity reports, and more time using real data to drive PR strategy. Get total visibility into what's happening so you can optimize your PR team and get more, better wins. Unquestionably prove value.

Are you ready for Performance PR?

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You won't settle for "good enough." You want the best.

See the whole picture. It's not enough to see what is working, you also need to see what isn't to improve the whole program. Our PR performance data gives you visibility that you've never had before. You can quickly scale for greater success, and triage to minimize flops.

Reveal impact. Kill vanity metrics and stop fudging the data. Start proving PR value with solid numbers that show business impact.

Drive accountability. The highest performing PR teams are driven by transparency and a desire to maximize the PR investment.

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Award-winning PR teams don't get there with spreadsheets. Graduate to a modern PR system.

Effortlessly track targeted influencer & media relations. Our Gmail & Outlook plugins let you capture all communication with media contacts across the whole team and in real time. See clearly how to get the most and best wins per pitch. Never batch & blast again.

Create coverage reports in the blink of an eye. Use our free Chrome extension to add PR results directly into IrisPR for crazy fast reporting.

Stay in the loop and out of the inbox. Keep the entire team informed and focused without wasteful meetings, scores of emails, and time-consuming status reports. 

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Great PR doesn't happen without great relationships. How strong are yours?

Earn more media wins. Help your entire team develop stronger connections that get bigger results by leveraging tribal knowlege of media & influencer contacts. The result: an entire team of PR rockstars from your youngest newbie to your most seasoned PR pro.

Measure your relationships. See with clarity how your relationships and PR strategies impact your results. 

Turn individual relationships into brand relationships. Foster strong ties between your key influencers and your brand, alleviating dependency on individual contributors. 

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Laura Collins, Director of PR

"IrisPR keeps me organized, and provides total visibility into our PR performance. I've never had this kind of insight before, and it makes a huge difference."