Public relations management: it's the necessary evil of our world. Someone has to make sure the trains run on time - which in PR land, means making sure pitches are lined up, media lists are correct, reports are clear, content is approved, and so on. And that someone is probably you.

But at the end of an exceptionally long day, it's really frustrating to feel like you spent more time organizing information than you did doing your job.

So let's reframe the issue. First of all, let's not think of PR management as a necessary evil but as more of a task that can be automated for faster turnaround time and higher productivity. Once upon a time, our great-great-great-grandmothers did laundry by hand, an exhausting task and a major chore. The advent of washing machines changed that forever.

PR technology isn't any different. Instead of juggling and coordinating your efforts in a collection of spreadsheets and documents, you can accelerate task completion and eliminate administrative headaches by using PR software. There's no downside - just an array of benefits that make your days smoother and shorter. 

Consider these 3 top outcomes of better PR and media relations management.

Centralized Information.

Think about how much time it takes to look back through emails and media lists to find which media contacts you pitched for which clients, when, and what the outcomes were of those pitches.

Forget about creating a report for a client on all media relations activity over the past… month? Quarter? It could take your team days to find and compile all of the right data. But this is the way PR teams have always done this, so the time spent on this piece of account management is chalked up to just that – time. And in our world, time is money, right?

Using PR software makes all your media relationships and pitching activity immediately accessible. All the campaigns, conversations, and the metrics of those interactions are at your fingertips. You can quickly and easily generate a report, answer client questions and see what succeeded and what didn't. By centralizing your media relationship management with PR tools, you spend less time organizing data and more time actually interacting with those media contacts.

Advanced Insight.

One of the hardest parts of managing multiple files, spreadsheets and applications is spotting trends in the data. You may know in your gut that your team performs great at booking press tours while localized efforts are more challenging. Or, that your agency kills it with restaurant industry clients but struggles with B2B services. But only PR software will show actual data that shows you how well your PR team performs per client, per campaign, even per industry.

Then you have the benefit of using that data to make important decisions. Does a campaign need to be re-swizzled? Do you need to increase a retainer for a client? Should you switch the focus from thought leadership to event-based campaigns? The data tells you what you need to know so you can improve performance fast.

You'll also have greater insight in planning and analyzing and can access reports, research, communications, and campaign progress in real time. PR management software takes the pain out of doing deep analysis. You’ll have advanced insight more easily because the right software provides you with metrics and reports about all of your data.

Win New Clients.

Let's say you have time, knowledge, efficiency, insight, and a stellar reputation as a PR agency. Your clients are happy, you have successful campaigns, and you have evidence to back up your claims. Your clients recommend you, and people seek you out for representation.

But your team still spends a lot of time acquiring new business and getting existing clients to re-sign for more work. Here's the benefit of PR tech: you can pull reports and other data quickly so you can cut your new business preparation time while boosting your value proposition with real data. Many agencies go into new business pitches and claim they are the experts, but PR software lets you back up those claims with data.

So yes, we'll say it - IrisPR provides all this functionality in one place. By acquiring one software application, you can enjoy better outcomes in less time. And we're pretty sure that once you adopt PR tools, you'll never go back to washing your clothes by hand again.

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