You know how we feel about reports at IrisPR, right? That they should be tailored to the brand goals. That they should clearly show the ROI of PR initiatives with real data. And – last but not least - that they should be quick and easy to create.

That’s why we’re launching a new reporting center that’ll make it easier than ever to measure your team performance and prove your value. With just a click, you’ll have multiple PR metrics and reports at your fingertips – no spreadsheets or manual effort required.


How it works

You’ll access the Reporting Center by clicking the reporting icon at the bottom of the navigation menu. At the top of page, you can filter report data by client, and filter each individual report module by date range.

The Results report module delivers a full list of media coverage captured within the time frame selected, including article links, social sharing metrics, and article tone.

The Pending Results module allows you to report on anticipated coverage – a great way to keep your CMO and other leaders in the loop on extensive campaigns

• The Campaign Performance module displays response rates and result rates for campaigns. You’ll know which campaigns are working and which aren’t, helping you optimize future efforts.

• Our new Social Tracking Feature measures the social impact of your PR coverage by letting you know how many times your article has been shared across social channels.


Now of course reports are meant to be shared – so we’ve created a way for you to easily send reports to your leaders and other stakeholders. You won’t need to cut and paste visuals, or bother with the hassle of exporting and importing data. Instead you’ll just click the “share” button which will generate a web link you can send out to show real-time PR results and performance metrics.  Check it out.

Eliminated: hours of report development time. Gained: lots of data, happy leaders and visibility into your performance.

Finally, don’t forget to download Blink – our free Chrome extension. Hopefully you’re already using it to capture media results in seconds, but if not, now is the time to try it. You won’t believe how easy it is to transfer online media wins to IrisPR with the click of a mouse – and of course, it synchronizes perfectly with our new reporting center.

The struggle to accurately measure PR, prove your value and create useful reports are over. Now you can have it all with the click of a button, empowering you to spend more time on the meaningful PR work you love. Just give it a try. And remember, if you’re not an IrisPR customer yet, you can try it for free at any time - your PR life will never be the same.

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