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Lose the List

by Rachel Beauvais on November 28, 2016

We spend a lot of time talking with and observing our customers. They are the best PR pros in the world, and the way they do their jobs shapes our product roadmap. Our mission is simple: build a solution that supports the best PR...

Who's the PR Rock Star on Your Team?

by Rachel Beauvais on May 4, 2016

As an experienced PR pro, you’re likely measuring your pitch and campaign success: media wins, social engagement, leads, and other important metrics. There’s something else that matters just as much, though – in fact, it impacts...

A Lesson in 1:1 Connections

by Rachel Beauvais on April 20, 2016

Let’s call it a PR epiphany. No, let’s call it an enlightenment. Ok, maybe I’m pushing this a bit.

Here’s the realization that occurred. As sales manager, I am relatively new to the IrisPR team. And anytime you join a new company,...

5 Ways to Tell Leaders They’re Wrong About PR

by Rachel Beauvais on March 30, 2016

Have you ever watched the HBO hit series Silicon Valley? A hilarious show about the struggles of a tech startup, the series showcased a great PR truth in its second season. The super-CEO character Gavin Belson proudly debuts his...

Inside Look at IrisPR: Cloning PR Campaigns

by Rachel Beauvais on March 22, 2016

Let me guess what’s at the top of your PR wishlist. It’s having more time, isn’t it? (It’s at least got to be in the top five.)

7 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence in PR

by Rachel Beauvais on March 16, 2016

If you’ve been kicking around the PR world long enough, you’ve probably seen some drama. On any given day, you might get blamed for a failed campaign, have a reporter reject an article they previously asked to see or a boss that...

Friends with Benefits: our New Book "Influencing the Influencers"

by Rachel Beauvais on March 10, 2016

If there’s one thing you know about IrisPR, hopefully it’s this: we believe in the power of relationships.

How to Hold All PR Team Members Accountable

by Rachel Beauvais on February 23, 2016

Regardless of whether you’re currently in a leadership position or working your way up, you’ve most likely gotten a sense of how the folks on your PR team tend to rank. Residing at the top tier are the high-performers who are...

Breaking Down the PESO Model for PR

by Rachel Beauvais on February 8, 2016

Earned media (article placements, media coverage, etc.) is an essential, well-established part of the PR industry. It’s always served an important role for both the contributor and the media that publishes that content - yet this...

Stop Re-Creating the Wheel: 5 Ways to Reuse Content

by Rachel Beauvais on January 28, 2016

Public relations and marketing teams spend a lot of time creating PR content that’s going to get the “wins.” We write pitches, speaker abstracts, customer case studies, blogs, byline articles and more. This content is invaluable to...