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6 PR Moves for Building Brand Affinity

by Valerie Fenyn on April 13, 2016

In PR, we talk a lot about cultivating positive relationships with the media and influencers. That’s our bread and butter, after all; opening the gate to the realm where our brand and client stories can reach the most people.

PR Meets VR: When Storytelling Becomes Virtual

by Valerie Fenyn on January 21, 2016

Imagine your client is in the news. They’re opening a new hotel that has every stakeholder excited. But this time customers don’t find out about the hotel by reading an article or watching a broadcast. Instead they step into a...

Your Winter Break Reading List

by Valerie Fenyn on December 21, 2015

Successful PR pros never stop learning. We’re always looking for ingenious new ideas, fresh strategies, motivation. And with 2016 right around the corner, you’re probably thinking about how to have the most successful year of your...

11 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block on a Deadline

by Valerie Fenyn on November 16, 2015

What have you written lately and how much did you struggle with it?

Why PR Is Winning the Content Revolution

by Valerie Fenyn on October 3, 2015

It might just be the most overused word in business: content. It was voted hottest business word back in 2013 and it’s only gotten bigger since then.

But that’s because content is amazing. Content has changed everything. Content...

Content Marketing Lessons from Inbound – Part 2

by Valerie Fenyn on September 25, 2015

Two weeks ago, I was sitting in a series of Inbound 2015 sessions on content marketing. In Part I, I talked about the challenges facing many of my content peers; today I’m going to share actual tactics I learned at Inbound.


Content Marketing Lessons from Inbound – Part I

by Valerie Fenyn on September 24, 2015

If you were at Inbound this September, you know the session tracks offered up a cornucopia of advice on sales, social media, PR, marketing, design, entrepreneurship, web development, lead generation, content creationand more. To...