Did someone say they wanted an easier way to capture results and get visibility into performance?

We heard you loud and clear. Introducing Blink by IrisPR, a Chrome plugin for IrisPR, along with an upgraded dashboard. Both are going to make your PR life more efficient than ever before.

Blink – so named because it’s that quick – captures your results in a jiffy and immediately transmits them into IrisPR. Our new dashboard tracks pitch response rates and sentiment, and provides visibility into PR performance at the client, campaign and contact levels.

Pretty amazing, if we do say so ourselves.

See, we know that recording your media relations wins and measuring PR results can take a lot of time. And sometimes this happens:

  • You hear about a win from someone else and make a mental note to record it later …. only to forget about it
  • The only team member who knows the real campaign results is on vacation
  • Your director puts together the monthly report before you enter some crucial wins
  • You spend hours looking up hits, copying URLs and writing down the tone and sentiment

Basically, capturing wins can eat up valuable hours – unless you use Blink. Take a look.

IrisPR Demo of Dashboard Reporting from IrisPR Software on Vimeo.

Here’s how it works. You’ll log into the IrisPR app and be prompted to download the plugin from the Chrome store. After that, whenever you see a result, you can just click the icon installed on your browser…

… and fill in the outlet, client, type of result, and sentiment. (Most of the information will auto-populate.)

The result automatically goes into IrisPR, taking literally just a moment to connect your activity to wins. Now that’s smart media relations management.

That brings us to your new dashboard. Check it out below – you get the same at-a-glance visibility into your PR performance but with more detail than ever.


Track pitch responses, results and sentiments? Check.

Enjoy visibility into your PR performance at a client, campaign and contact level? Check, check, check.

That's our idea of valuable PR technology.

At IrisPR, it’s our vision to convert the art of PR into a science. To inject data, insight and visibility into public relations so your work is recognized as an ROI generator and profit driver. By automating operations and creating transparency for leaders, we empower PR pros to get more wins with less effort, and enable clients and leaders to track their spend in real time.

IrisPR customers, we’d love to hear your feedback on these features. And if you haven’t tried IrisPR yet? Schedule a demo today. We can guarantee your PR performance will never be the same.

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