Let me guess what’s at the top of your PR wishlist. It’s having more time, isn’t it? (It’s at least got to be in the top five.)

Well, you’re going to like what I’m about to tell you: IrisPR can actually offer you the gift of time. We do this in a variety of ways, actually, like collecting all your data, contacts and results in one place for fast and easy access and smoother media relationships. But today we’re going to talk specifically about saving you time on your campaign strategy and creation.

See, Iris has the power to clone your campaigns. Not only can you save immense time on creating campaigns and researching media contacts, but you can feel confident knowing you’re using your most successful playbooks.

Let’s say you need to come up with a campaign for your client the healthcare organization. They’re partnering with a local blood-mobile to drive blood donations at businesses all over the city. You recall that last year you launched a campaign for a similar initiative involving low-cost preventive mobile health checks. You’re pretty sure the same strategies will work with the same reporters and influencers. So what do you do?

Without Iris:

You rely on your memory, and a hasty search through your inbox and spreadsheets, to find out who you contacted, how they responded and what kind of coverage you got. In all likelihood, you come up with about a tenth of the information you need and then spend hours researching the right media contacts and writing pitches. In the end, you’re not entirely sure which tactics brought in the best results and which ones fell flat … so you’re basically reinventing the wheel.

With Iris:

You click on the Campaigns icon and quickly locate the previously successful campaign, which includes all of your pitch activity, results, media contacts and more. At the far right you see a series of small icons; you click on the farthest right one and the word “clone” appears. (See below.) You click it and boom, a whole new campaign appears, already filled out with pitches, notes and media contacts. You edit it with the new campaign name and anything else that’s changed – and you’re done.

 How easy is that? Through simple PR technology, you’ve replicated a winning playbook in under a minute. You’ve even got its overall performance metric and individual results right there so you can rest assured that the original was as successful as you remember.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, our philosophy is that PR shouldn’t be burdensome or stressful. We know you want more time back in your day to spend on thoughtful account management and innovative strategies, to build genuine connections with the influencers who matter. That’s why we’re continually designing PR management software that automates tedious tasks and lets you focus on meaningful work.

But don’t take our word for it. Register for a quick demo and see for yourself how easy it is to launch campaigns and clone them in IrisPR. You’ll love the extra time it gives you to kick back and enjoy the creative part of your job.

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