Over the past six months, we’ve made some big changes to IrisPR to help you get more wins in less time. My favorite enhancements include our beautiful new platform, Blink (a Chrome extension to capture media wins in seconds), and our insightful new reporting center.

Today, we’re introducing a few changes to our product and pricing model.

We’ve segmented IrisPR into two types of editions: one type is optimized for internal PR teams, and the other is designed for agencies. This will enable us to better meet the needs of both groups.

For in-house teams, we’ve changed “client management” to “group management.” Why? Well, we found that while in-house teams don’t manage clients, they are using the client feature to segment their activities and reports in other ways, such as by product line, location, or initiative.

This change from “clients” to “groups” gives you the flexibility segment your teams and reporting anyway you’d like without the confusing “client” language. There is no limit to number of groups you can create and we’ve also lifted the limit on the size of your media contact database (it’s now unlimited). Cool, right?

For PR agencies, the big change is that we are now charging by the number of clients you support through your app, as opposed to the number of users accessing your account. This came in response to feedback from our wonderful agency customers who said they want their whole teams to benefit from a shared PR software platform, media database and reporting center, but want to choose which, and how many, clients to manage in the system, as not all clients have the same needs.

Our hope is that this new pricing structure will better meet the needs of all marcomm teams. Of course, existing IrisPR customers will enjoy the new features at their current subscription rates.

Thank you to our customers for giving us the feedback that drives our innovation. We’re just getting started. Over the coming months, we’ll be introducing an array of new features to help you realize the impact of PR, get more out of it, and streamline PR operations.

We’d love to hear your ideas. What are your biggest PR challenges and what would like to see us develop next?

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