A little over two months ago we released an all-new version of IrisPR. But what many in this community don’t know is that we did something much more important for our platform, our users, and the industry we’re serving.

We invited every PR pro to come in, sign up, and test our PR management software - for free - and tell us what they think. This is unprecedented in the PR tech space, where software platforms are gated behind demos, you can’t try anything for free, and you’re bound to commit for at least a year. At thousands of dollars a seat, that’s a pricey proposition for most PR teams.

Our goal with opening IrisPR up for everyone to try is very simple: we want the PR industry to help us make a fantastic product. We knew the only way to do that was to invite you all in - without a contract - and let you try it.

And wow, you really did. Since our launch on Nov. 1 we’ve had hundreds of PR pros sign up. Many of you have purchased the software so you can get the most from it. We’ve gotten more feedback in 2.5 months than we thought was humanly possible. You told us what you love (thank you), what you don’t love (thank you more) and what you really, really need.

We ended the year with a humbling moment. Spin Sucks named IrisPR the #1 PR tool for 2016.

Because of your feedback, we’ve got a roadmap to something that we believe is game changing. As a former PR pro myself, I look at the opportunity ahead to build something that can genuinely make our industry better. I know first hand that PR is a major engine that drives business success, and quite frankly, I’m tired of the PR industry - my industry - not being able to easily prove that. I’m tired of hearing brand side executives say that PR confuses and frustrates them. It’s time to change this perception. It’s time to change PR.

I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to this community, and also ask you to keep it up. Keep giving us your feedback, keep asking us for those “nice to haves,” keep telling us what would make your job easier, better, more fun. Keep telling us because that’s the only way we can do this.

We tell the story of IrisPR as one that has grassroots beginnings. It was born of a PR agency. Built by PR pros for PR pros. This has never been more true that it is today. The features and platform we are building for you are just as much built by you as they are by our engineers.

Please keep helping us build the best PR technology possible. We’ll keep working to help you prove value. And I can’t wait for you to see what’s coming next!

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