8 Ways to Keep Your PR Content Program Affordable

by Aly Saxe on April 20, 2016

Here’s a scenario that plays out in PR offices all over the world. Excited about the benefits of a great content marketing program, the team plans out a series of assets – maybe a thought leadership column in a prestigious outlet...

3 Tips for Managing PR Contractors & Freelancers

by Aly Saxe on March 18, 2016

It’s happened to every PR team: you have a special project and need extra help. Rather than exhausting your already-overextended staff, you arrange for a contractor to help out.

It all sounds great, right? The reality is, working...

6 Steps to Nailing PR for Startups

by Aly Saxe on February 25, 2016

PR is one of the first tools in the startup founders’ toolbox that they dig out. When budgets are scarce and there’s a Goliath to conquer, PR can be a startup’s best friend.

The True Cost of Onboarding New PR Employees

by Rachel Beauvais on May 28, 2015

Ask yourself this right now: just how expensive are your PR employees?

If you only calculated their salaries and benefits packages, you missed the mark. The fact is that all employees carry an additional cost and that’s the...

4 More PR Client Facts We Don’t Want to Accept (but have to)

by Aly Saxe on June 26, 2014

Those silly clients. Don’t they know what we’re trying to do here?