Beware the Box Checker

by Aly Saxe on October 17, 2016

In every industry, there are flacks and there are pros. I know “flack” is a word that holds a special designation in the PR industry, but it’s true everywhere. A flack doesn’t have to be a crazy, air-sucking bozo. A flack can also...

What Does my PR Agency Do All Day?

by Ashley N. Incardone on July 22, 2016

Admit it: If you employ a PR agency, you’ve probably asked what they do all day at least a time or two, especially if you haven’t heard from your team in a few days or secured a recent media win.

Breaking Down the PESO Model for PR

by Rachel Beauvais on February 8, 2016

Earned media (article placements, media coverage, etc.) is an essential, well-established part of the PR industry. It’s always served an important role for both the contributor and the media that publishes that content - yet this...

PR, Meet SEO (And Watch What Happens)

by Aly Saxe on January 6, 2016

The link between PR and marketing is obvious. Clearly there are overlaps both in responsibilities and skillsets, which creates a strong partnership between the two with each building off the other.

The link between PR and SEO?...