Measure PR Impact & ROI with Our New Reports

by Anila Arthanari on July 26, 2016

One of the biggest challenges facing PR teams today is demonstrating the business impact and ROI of media coverage. Unlike marketing teams that can quickly pull performance metrics from email and marketing automation systems, PR...

IrisPR Updates Pricing Model

by Aly Saxe on June 20, 2016

Over the past six months, we’ve made some big changes to IrisPR to help you get more wins in less time. My favorite enhancements include our beautiful new platform, Blink (a Chrome extension to capture media wins in seconds), and...

Announcing the New IrisPR Reporting Center

by Anila Arthanari on May 16, 2016

You know how we feel about reports at IrisPR, right? That they should be tailored to the brand goals. That they should clearly show the ROI of PR initiatives with real data. And – last but not least - that they should be quick and...

Blink: the new feature that’s going to change your life

by Anila Arthanari on March 31, 2016

Did someone say they wanted an easier way to capture results and get visibility into performance?

Inside Look at IrisPR: Cloning PR Campaigns

by Rachel Beauvais on March 22, 2016

Let me guess what’s at the top of your PR wishlist. It’s having more time, isn’t it? (It’s at least got to be in the top five.)

The State of IrisPR 2016

by Aly Saxe on January 20, 2016

A little over two months ago we released an all-new version of IrisPR. But what many in this community don’t know is that we did something much more important for our platform, our users, and the industry we’re serving.

Inside Look: IrisPR Reporting Features

by Aly Saxe on December 14, 2015

Welcome to Inside Look, where we shamelessly show off the various wonders of IrisPR.

IrisPR is a Bronze "Best in Biz Awards" Winner

by Aly Saxe on December 1, 2015

IrisPR has been named a Bronze winner in the Most Innovative Product of the Year - SMB category in Best in Biz Awards 2015.

Inside Look: IrisPR Automated Pitch Capture

by Aly Saxe on November 23, 2015

Welcome to Inside Look, where we shamelessly show off the various wonders of IrisPR.

The New IrisPR is Unleashed

by Aly Saxe on November 3, 2015

It’s here! A new version of IrisPR is available starting today - and we couldn’t be more excited.

For months now we’ve been working feverishly behind the scenes on enhancing our PR software. Now you’re going to have an IrisPR...