I Once Saw a Grown Man Scream Over a Pikachu

by Ashley N. Incardone on July 15, 2016

With the launch of the newest, hottest, and possibly most addictive app to ever hit the App Store, I knew it was my duty as not only a 90’s kid, but as a PR and marketing pro, to explore this sensational buzz. Plus, I just really...

Culture of Content: An Interview with the Content Leaders at Vertical Measures

by Guest Contributor on May 26, 2016

As Marketing and PR work ever more closely together, teams are figuring out both big picture and day-to-day questions. One of the biggest areas under the microscope is content marketing. Who owns what? How can teams make sure their...

5 Tips to Make Your PR Campaigns Stand Out

by Aly Saxe on May 11, 2016

When we talk to PR teams, we hear a lot of specific questions on measurement, pitching, media relations, and reporting. But often we hear this more open-ended question: “How can we make our campaigns stand out?” There isn’t a...

How to Write a Great Speech

by Aly Saxe on April 11, 2016

PR Segmentation: Who Are You Talking To?

by Aly Saxe on March 1, 2016

If I asked you who your brand’s audience was, would you be able to tell me in five words or less?

3 Storytelling Lessons Sales can Teach PR

by Aly Saxe on February 3, 2016

Storytelling is the backbone of the PR industry. How a brand tells their story makes or breaks their success, and no one owns that responsibility like PR. Sometimes the story is the catalyst that turns a business into a defined...

PR Meets VR: When Storytelling Becomes Virtual

by Valerie Fenyn on January 21, 2016

Imagine your client is in the news. They’re opening a new hotel that has every stakeholder excited. But this time customers don’t find out about the hotel by reading an article or watching a broadcast. Instead they step into a...

How to Create an Awesome Messaging Platform

by Aly Saxe on January 8, 2016

Imagine a busy PR day – the kind you normally have. On this day, you have to write a few pieces of content, arrange a media briefing and complete an award application. Do you start from scratch each time?

Not if you’re a...

11 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block on a Deadline

by Valerie Fenyn on November 16, 2015

What have you written lately and how much did you struggle with it?

Can ghostwriting PR content hurt your leaders?

by Aly Saxe on October 12, 2015

There’s nothing spooky about good PR, but you can bet most teams have a few ghosts hanging around. Ghostwriters may not get a lot of credit – or their name in print – but they do play an important role in PR. By channeling a...