Do You Need a PR Agency?

by Ashley N. Incardone on April 19, 2016

Marketers at companies both large and small find themselves wondering at some point if they need to hire an outside public relations firm. Sometimes they don’t have a PR program at all; other times the in-house team is just too...

6 PR Moves for Building Brand Affinity

by Valerie Fenyn on April 13, 2016

In PR, we talk a lot about cultivating positive relationships with the media and influencers. That’s our bread and butter, after all; opening the gate to the realm where our brand and client stories can reach the most people.

How to Write a Great Speech

by Aly Saxe on April 11, 2016

Brand Newsrooms: PR Win or Waste of Time?

by Rachel Beauvais on December 8, 2015

If you run in certain PR circles, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about the brand newsroom and “real-time marketing.” (You might also know it by its alternative name, brand journalism.) A relatively new realm that sits at the...

New Endorsement Strategy: Keep It Real

by Rachel Beauvais on November 12, 2015

 “Endorsement” doesn’t really mean what it used to in PR. Or maybe it does, but on a much larger level. For many people, an endorsement conjures images of a celebrity spokesperson schilling for this product or that. And yeah,...

Best Practices on Winning Awards & Speaking Placements

by Aly Saxe on July 20, 2015

Listen to PR industry talk and you’ll hear a lot of tips and strategies around getting media hits and generating buzz. Yet it takes all kinds of building blocks to mount an impressive brand or executive reputation. Two of the most...