What's More Important - The Media Outlet or Contact?

by Aly Saxe on November 7, 2016

When you boss or client wants top tier coverage, are they looking for media logos or names of influencers? Depends, right? Sometimes it's one, sometimes the other. Which is why IrisPR just made it easier for you to see both on...

Beware the Box Checker

by Aly Saxe on October 17, 2016

In every industry, there are flacks and there are pros. I know “flack” is a word that holds a special designation in the PR industry, but it’s true everywhere. A flack doesn’t have to be a crazy, air-sucking bozo. A flack can also...

It's Okay to Ask Your PR Team for More

by Aly Saxe on June 23, 2016

There’s something I need to get off my chest and my friends and colleagues in the PR industry may not like it. 

How to Keep Your Millennial Team Members Happy

by Ashley N. Incardone on April 25, 2016

Everybody knows that a happy employee is a productive employee; but keeping an employee happy is much harder than it seems. Especially a Millennial, who grew up around technology and often expects to find that level of...

3 Tips for Managing PR Contractors & Freelancers

by Aly Saxe on March 18, 2016

It’s happened to every PR team: you have a special project and need extra help. Rather than exhausting your already-overextended staff, you arrange for a contractor to help out.

It all sounds great, right? The reality is, working...

How to Hold All PR Team Members Accountable

by Rachel Beauvais on February 23, 2016

Regardless of whether you’re currently in a leadership position or working your way up, you’ve most likely gotten a sense of how the folks on your PR team tend to rank. Residing at the top tier are the high-performers who are...

3 Tips to Make Your PR Team More Organized

by Aly Saxe on February 18, 2016

When you’re in the business of public relations, organization can mean the difference between sinking and swimming. Can you do your job without being organized? Sure. Can you do your job well? Perhaps. Would you do a better job if...

Craft Life, Don’t let Life Craft You: Optimizing Teams for Tomorrow

by Guest Contributor on October 19, 2015

by Scott Pansky, Allison + Partners

5 Reasons Your Leader Should Be Part of Your PR Team

by Aly Saxe on August 26, 2015

Ah, the magical in-house PR team. It’s what every executive dreams of, right? An internal PR team that needs no guidance, assistance, or direction; a team that produces media hits, compelling content, and a trophy case full of...

Disrupting the Summertime Blues: Taking Advantage of Downtime

by Aly Saxe on August 17, 2015

As we get deeper into summer, you may have noticed a change in your environment. People go on vacation; offices introduce summer hours; companies withhold their next big announcements for fall. That’s PR in the summer: calmer...