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Aly Saxe, CEO & Founder


Aly Saxe is a tech entrepreneur, PR industry veteran, and recovering PR agency owner.

In 2007, Aly founded Ubiquity PR, a boutique agency that provided strategic PR services to high-growth B2B tech companies like Infusionsoft, Armor, WebPT, and SocialWhirled.

As the agency grew, Aly became frustrated with the chaos of managing agency activities across a myriad of docs and spreadsheets and wanted a better way to track performance and report on value. 

In 2011, she took matters into her own hands and developed IrisPR, the first SaaS platform designed specifically to help brands streamline activity, measure, prove value, and build exceptional relationships. In 2015, she shifted her attention to focus exclusively on IrisPR and hasn’t looked back since.

Anila Arthanari, CTO & Co-Founder

Anila Arthanari is an entrepreneur and results-driven software development leader with over 17 years of experience at both early stage and enterprise organizations.

Before joining IrisPR, Anila was the Director of Software Development at Infusionsoft, where she led the engineering department, oversaw the transition to continuous delivery for the software platform, and promoted a culture where high performing teams could thrive. During her tenure, Infusionsoft grew from $36 million to $100 million in revenue with over 700 employees.

Anila is a geek at heart, an entrepreneur to the core, and a thought leader for women in tech.


Cory Berg, VP of Development


Cory Berg brings a winning combination of innovative thinking and industry experience to his role as VP of Development at IrisPR, where he manages the software platform and leads the engineering team.

Cory is a seasoned engineer adapt at dreaming up and building innovative solutions in high-growth environments. His experience is varied and vast, spanning such diverse fields as military firmware, avionics, predictive analytics, GRC, mobile devices, and educational software at companies including SAP, Pearson, and Honeywell.

Cory is the author of “Software++:Must-Have Skills for Software Engineers” and is an active proponent of pragmatic engineering practices and cloud technology. He’s also an active member of the Phoenix tech community and frequently mentors local startups.

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